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Alogea FAQs
How can I see statistics?
Statistics analyse how your symptom ratings change over time, and looks at possible connections between changes and medicines or events. There are two types of statistics, medicine-related and event-related statistics.

1. Simple medicine statistics: in the Medicines List View rotate your device to landscape orientation to see how many doses of each medicine you have taken since starting.

2. Medicine impact statistics: in the Medicines List View tap on the chart symbol top right to get more detailed statistics how your symptom ratings have changed after taking medicines. You can also navigate to this view from the Diary Chart View by tapping one the slide-out menu on the left side and tap on the chart icon. In the Stats view tap on a row to see more detailed charts.

3. Event impact statistics: Navigate to the Events List View by tapping on the slide-out view on the left of the Diary Chart View, then tap the Book icon. In the Events List view select an event to view in the Diary Page View. Here you can see how average ratings of the selected symptom changed after this event. Below the chart the text also tells you how the ratings of the symptoms changed on average after ALL events of this category.
How can I see my Diary entries?
Navigate to the Main Diary Chart View, then tap on the slide-out view on the left of the chart.
Tap the third icon from the top (the Book icon).
In the Events List View select an event to view details in the Diary Page View.
There are arrow buttons on the left of this view to go through all events of the selected category. To change category, tap on the blue category name (upper right corner) or return to the list view and select an different of a different category.
Filter events by category using the 'Filter' selector in the list view.
How can I change my medicine doses?
navigate to the Medicines List View and tap on the medicine you want to change. Or tap + to start a new medicine
If '
regularly' is switched off:
tap in the Doses row and enter your prescribed dose
If '
regularly' is on:
tap on the 'Doses' row and a new view will open. The number of doses matches the frequency for this medicine. You can change each dose individually by tapping on it and entering a number. Tap 'save' top right when complete.
How can I get reminders to take my medicines?
switch on the Medicine Reminders master switch in Settings
Go the medicines list and tap one or tap + for add a new medicine.
In the new view switch on 'regularly' and then tap into the 'Doses' row. This opens the individual doses and reminders view.
Turn on reminders for the times you need.
Tap 'save' in the upper right corner and again save in the next view.
To stop reminders turn them off individually or turn the master switch off in Settings.
Special Case: If the medicine should be taken less than once per day but more often than once per week (e.g. Every other or every third day) Alogea can only create three reminders for you. To continue to receive reminders after those three you must tap on one of these notifications (ideally the last).
This will prompt Alogea to create another set of three and so forth.
How can I stop medicine reminders?
To turn off all reminders tap the master switch in Settings.
To stop individual reminders navigate to the Medicines List view and select one (it should be one taken regularly).
In the next view tap 'Doses' and turn off individual reminders.
How can I change the name of a symptom?
Navigate to Settings and tap 'Symptom & Event types'.
The top list section shows your symptom names. Left-swipe the one you want to change, chose 'rename'.
Make sure to chose unique names for your symptoms. Alogea will add a number if the name already exists.
How can I print or export my diary?
1. To print an image of the Diary Chart View:
tap on the slide-out menu on the left of the
Main Diary Chart View
Tap the lowest menu button for all export options
2. to print or export a list of your medicines tap on the export icon (upper left) in the
Medicines List View
3. to export/ print medicine-related statistics for your symptom navigate to the
Statistics View (Medicine List View > top right Chart icon, then select a medicine shown in the Stats View). Tap on the Export icon in the upper right area to export the charts
Can I see multiple symptom plots displayed together?
We found that displaying multiple graphs together, on top of events and medicines, creates too much clutter to be useful.
To give a useful overview Alogea shows one symptom graph only.
If you have expanded Alogea you can select different graphs to be shown individually, not together. Tap on the name of the symptom score above the graph area on the left to change graphs.
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