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What is Alogea?
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Alogea is a medical diary and tracking App for symptoms such as pain. It helps you realise the effects of medicines in order to use them more effectively. You can discover how events affect your symptoms. For those with mobility/ fitness impaired by pain it offers an assistant to follow a paced exercising program.

What users ays about Alogea
Once again, for those of us who suffer from chronic pain, this app is a the most valuable tool ever for keeping track of med use, evaluating patterns of use, identifying cause/effect relationships, and having something concrete to take to Dr appts. Thanks to you and all who developed it and continue to improve it.
BTW I absolutely love this app! So does my neurologist. So helpful for her to see the patterns of my chronic pain episodes.
I love this app! I did purchase the expansion set and have no trouble using the app and all its functions to keep track of what I need to keep track of. … I love the app and so far it’s working perfectly for what I need.
Why use a Pain Diary?

Tracking pain and related symptoms is important to judge the effect of treatments, such pain killers. Personal memory isn't always the best way to log how symptoms change as it is subject to many influences and side effects of medicines.

A Pain Diary is useful to detect causations between certain events that trigger improvement or worsening of symptoms. Analysing how symptoms scores change helps to judge which treatments are effective and which aren't. It also allows to optimise self management, guiding you which exercises and activities to boost and which to minimise or avoid.

In addition to the tracking functions of a pain diary, Alogea allows you and treating practitioners to keep a detailed and accurate portfolio of personal medication use. Get reminders to take medicines, receive warnings to avoid overdoses and alerts to when to stop scheduled medicines. A further function allows you to schedule and pace exercise sessions, automatically tracking progress over time to help you improve mobility and fitness, if these are impaired by pain.

App features
  • symptom rating in a simple, fast and elegant way
  • chose numerical or facial expression type rating via Visual Analogue Scales
  • fast retrospective recording of diary entries
  • reminders to rate your symptoms when it matters
  • free text diary entries
  • set event categories to sort events
  • graphical display of diary entries to detect causations
  • show or hide categories or medicines to focus on causations
  • build a detailed list and history of personal medicines
  • reminders to take and stop taking medicines
  • high dose cautions and overdose warnings
  • export your medicines list and statistics
  • usefulness and side effects rating
  • analytic charts to understand how medicines and events affect symptoms
  • Exercise Assistant for goal setting helping and improving fitness and mobility.
  • live exercise session tracking to apply pacing
  • get reminders to exercise
  • Apple Touch ID or Face ID (on supporting devices) or passcode protection
  • data synchronisation between all your iOS devices
  • no advertising!
Who is it for?
People with Chronic Pain or other long term symptoms who wish to keep a diary and track symptom changes over time.
  • Unlike other Medical Diary Apps, Alogea is focused on the impact of medicines and events (such as treatments, exercises or any other events you chose to record) on symptoms.
  • It's best used when a diagnosis has already been made and treatments are about to start or are under way.
  • In this situation recording lots of symptom details - as other Diary Apps do - is not so important any more. Instead, rating easily = frequently is more useful to detect changes as a result of medicines, treatments or events.
  • If pain limits your mobility and reduces physical fitness use the Exercise Assistant to set and achieve goals and improve self-management.

Try it - Alogea is free to download and use for one symptom and medicine.
There is no trial time limit

Expansion options are available as InApp purchases
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